The Quest

The Quest:

Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World presents a gripping account of the ongoing quest for the energy that our world needs. Daniel Yergin continues the story of oil begun in The Prize, and brings the reader into the turbulent choices about the future of energy.

The Quest offers context and insight into what it takes to fuel life in the twenty-first century, the struggles among nations, the energies on which our society has been built, and the new resources that are competing to replace them. Essential for anyone An essential book for anyone seeking to understand today’s energy world and the future of energy – and the people who will shape it.

The Prize

The Prize:

The Prize recounts the panoramic history of the world’s most important resource: oil. Daniel Yergin’s timeless book chronicles the struggle for wealth and power that has surrounded oil for over a century and continues to fuel global rivalries, shake the world economy, and transform the destiny of men and nations. The Prize proves the unwavering significance of oil throughout the modern era by capturing the great economic and political clashes over precious “black gold.”

The canvas of this narrative history is enormous—from the drilling of the first well in Pennsylvania through two great world wars to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm, the Iraq war and climate change. The definitive work on the subject of oil, The Prize is a book of extraordinary breadth, riveting excitement, and great value—crucial to our understanding of world politics and the global economy today and tomorrow.

The Commanding Heights

The Commanding Heights:

Daniel Yergin, with co-author Joseph Stanislaw, presents an incisive narrative of risks and opportunities that emerge as the balance of power shifts around the world between governments and markets—and the battle over globalization comes front and center. A visionary book, that gives context to the modern era of globalization and world markets. The Commanding Heights is vital for understanding the struggle over the “new rules of the game” for the twenty-first century – and how they came about.